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“Smart building” – A buzzword with opportunities for the EU pellet industry

Unfortunately, there is not a common understanding of what is a smart building, in a legal sense. At this stage, smart buildings are a promise, a vision often promoted by IT players for the future of our energy consumption.

This is why the CleanTech-Cluster is promoting the establishment of a more precise definition. First, a building should be considered “smart” only if it is a “Nearly Zero-Energy Building” (NZEB). It wouldn’t make any sense to try to make a building smart without first ensuring high standards of energy efficiency and emissions limits. On this sound foundation, we can add two key elements: digitalisation and user-friendliness. Digitalisation is the most well-known aspect as it covers the ability to gather data about energy consumption and adjust the equipment accordingly. User-friendliness is the final element, meaning the end consumer is able to understand the data generated through digitalisation and to have control over it in an intuitive way— to turn data into action.


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