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Today, everyone is talking about intelligent buildings. But perhaps not everyone knows that the European Union has posed the problem of trying to define, with a directive, what really makes a building intelligent, what parameters must be monitored and consequently what must be equipped to be “in order”.

In the European Directive 2018/844, “Energy Performance of Building Directive” (EPBD), we talk about the integration of “Smart Ready” technologies in the construction sector. Article 8 provides that by 31 December 2019, the Commission shall establish an optional European standard system for assessing the susceptibility of the building to intelligence, using the “Smart Readiness Indicator” (SRI).

This is an important step:

“Building intelligence refers to the ability of the building itself or its systems to perceive, interpret, communicate and actively respond efficiently to change conditions in relation to the functionality of the building’s technical installations or external parameters (including the power grid) and occupant demand.


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