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Webinar “ECVET Training for Operators of IoT-enabled Smart Buildings”

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The IoT (Internet of Things) enabled BMS (Building Management Systems) is a brand new domain and current employees will definitely need in-service training.

Such profile does not exist in the continuous VET training courses and will supplement the further enhancement of the knowledge and skills of VET learners in the area.

Target groups:Beneficiaries:
Target groups as VET learners:
  • Building operators
  • Property and asset managers
Target groups as VET providers:
  • VET schools/centers
  • In-house trainers
Beneficiaries from the improved services:
  • Wider community
Beneficiaries on employment and policy level:
  • Employers
  • Ministries
  • Building certification agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Decision makers

Start: 03 December 2018
End: 02 October 2020
Duration: 22 months

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